Yasuhito Kawasaki

Born in Saga in Japan, Yasuhito graduated from Kanazawa Art University in 2010 with a Master of Art Degree in Casting. Using the technique of casting that he continued to hone through the years as an artist, he is known for his trademark sculptures of innocent looking children.

For the artist, these characters are self-portraits, whether direct caricature renditions of himself or of other people and sometimes animals. In his perspective, one subconsciously sees others as extensions or semblances of the self. Many Yasuhito’s self-portraits are influenced by family members, whom he spends the most time with

In his works, the inner character and emotions are as important, if not more than the external form. The expressions of the characters, colours, textures and the settings that he creates for each piece seem to narrate their inner thoughts and various states of emotions, each telling their own intriguing story.