Thomas Canto

b. 1979, Venissieux, France
Lives and works in France

Inspired by experts across a variety of industries, Thomas Canto has charged himself to find the connection between the different areas. He is known for his work distorting speed and city structures until their original forms are effectively unrecognizable. Regardless of the genre, Canto finds inspiration from figures like the Hungarian painter and sculptor László Moholy- Nagy to architects like Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel. His works also focus on creating new images through technology that express the relationship between humans and architecture.

Thomas Canto’s works are precise and geometric in nature, using boundary lines to delineate spaces where tension can be released. He relies on light and shadows to compose his pieces with reflective effects, sometimes layering moving images with video projector mapping over sculptures to rebirth the pieces into installation art.

Thomas Canto’s repertoire is based on the energy of cities, which he is able to incorporate into his pieces thanks to his deep understanding of optical and kinetic art.
Light and movement are critical elements in contemporary art today, and these focal elements are clearly evident in his works.